Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have been MIA the last couple of months...I am a horrible blogger!!!

I havent stopped my training but have changed it up some. I am happy to report I am up to running a mile but...I still have 2 more miles to add onto that by December 5th!!! I am stressing but right now I am running 6 days a week and believe I can do it!!

I noticed a difference for the first time after this past Saturday. I participated in the Susan G. Kome Race for the Cure. Which by the way was A-freakin-MAZING!!!!! And boy did I learn a lesson as well!!!!
This picture is a picture of the whole team and boy there are some wonderful people!!!

The next couple of pictures are pictures of our team shirts. How cute are they??!!! We had compliments left right and center!!!! Good job Whitney!!!

So back to the life lesson...some people arent who they seem to be. Sometimes you need to spend a little time with people to get to know the TRUE them!!!!

After the 5K walk (we decided to walk as a TEAM which was nice!!!) I usually go home and crash but...this time...I didnt take a nap!!! I also wasnt as sore as I usually am so I can definitely tell a difference!!! I felt great overall!!!

So now onto my new November Challenge. I have joined Bobbi's November Challenge which is POTM. You can read about it here. I have been able to do a little over 10 miles so far in 2 days!!! I hope to keep it up!!!

Well off to finish work and then to run and tonight I have YOGA and AEROBICS!!! WOOHOO!!! I havent been able to or felt up to doing Yoga and Aerobics in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to going back tonight!

Have a nice day!