Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So...for many many months now (more like years) I have always had this goal to run in a marathon. If many of you know would laugh!!!

Well a couple of weeks ago I was talking to this guy and his wife at a party I was attending (cant remember his we will call him and her G&G (guy and girl)) I was talking to them they stated that they were both running the half marathon and I went on to say how much I would love to do that!!!

Well did you know...there is 13 weeks left in the St. Jude marathon? He assured me that if I would train hard the next 14 (at the time it was 14 weeks) weeks that I would be able to run the 5K...he stated I could possibly run the half marathon and then I laughed at him so in all...I am in the process of training for a 5K!!!
Now dont get me wrong...I have walked many 5K's and many people say its only 3.1 miles which is true but have YOU ever tried to run 3.1 miles all at once?? Its not as easy as it me!!!

SO to begin with I did some research...and found a couple of good websites. The first one was Memphis Runners Association and the second one (which is more up my alley) Couch Potatoes. I have decided to go with the couch potatoe website which assured me that I can definitely run a 5k in 9 weeks.

I am on week 2 and it is definitely difficult!!! But running gives me a sense of freedom in a way...I just dont know how to explain it.

Here is a question to ponder...there is a point in running where you just want to GIVE up...but if you can push yourself past this point you feel great and can run longer and harder. How do you get past this point?

So for now...I am off to keep training for my 5K and next year...its onto a half marathon!!!!